Corolla Wild Horse Tours

Corolla Wild Horse Tours focuses on family. With our 15 passenger open-air safari style truck, you will feel fresh ocean breezes and soak in the salt sea air while experiencing the wonders of nature. Our wild horse tours are safe for any age, and kids in car seats are always welcomed. Our expert tour narration will focus on the history of Corolla, the wild horses and the North Carolina Beaches. All tours come with a money back guarantee.

Descendants of the original colonial Spanish Mustangs, the Corolla Wild Horses have 7,500 pristine acres to roam on the “four wheel drive only” beaches North of Corolla and you can now just sit back comfortably to witness their majesty. Wild horse tours start at 7:30 AM and run all day long until Sunset. All tours are 2 hours in length.

Corolla Wild Horse Tours is on the soundside of NC 12 approximately 1/2 mile North of Currituck Beach Lighthouse next to Distinctive Landscaping and where you’ll find great take-out Italian food for the entire family. We also offer expertly guided Jeep wild horse sightseeing tours at in Corolla Light Town Center.